Your Guide to Unique, Sustainable Christmas Gifts for 2022

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 Are you looking for a gift for that person who's just SO hard to buy for? Something for the person who has everything? What about the perfect Christmas gift that's unique, thoughtful and will earn you some serious brownie points on Christmas morning? 

Read on for the solutions to all your Christmas gift woes! & not only that, any purchase you make from whatmabeldid is supporting a small, woman owned business!


Christmas gifts for the kids


This Sea life print is not just a gorgeous poster, it's also a fantastic educational tool. This gift would be perfect for a younger family member, naming the sea creatures and underwater plant life is a fun exercise for curious young minds! Or how about a sweet 'be your own no.1 fan' poster? The print is a great idea for inspiring confidence in kids and encouraging them to believe in themselves.


Christmas gifts for the Kate Bush fan 

image of a Kate Bush themed art print. Kate is drawn wearing her iconic red dress from wuthering heights performing a dance move with her hands clasped to one side. Above her is the words 'let me in at your window' handwritten in red lettering. The background is a deep midnight blue.

Stuck on what to get a Kate Bush fan for Christmas? Not with whatmabeldid! Kate is one of our perennial favourites and we have everything from t shirts to posters! Why not gift a running up that hill t shirt? It's got a gorgeous front & back graphic so that they can be identified as a Kate Bush fanatic from every angle. Or what about one of our all time most popular prints? Wuthering Heights fans rejoice- this print features the stand out lyrics with an illustration of Kate to boot, what's not to love?

Christmas gifts for the Astrology lover 

Is your loved one a Leo sun, Virgo moon, Sagittarius rising? Do they LOVE tarot cards? Look no further than our astrology themed prints! These come in several colour ways so you can be sure to pick one that suits their personality and decor!

Christmas gifts for the Oat Milk obsessed 

Is your friend an oat milk bimbo? Have you heard them say 'an oat milk iced latte please?' more times than you can count? If so, worry no more about what to gift them! Whatmabeldid has a wide variety of oat milk bimbo, himbo and thembo gifts, why not grab a tote bag? They're so useful for a coffee run & are made of organic cotton. Or what about an oat milk bimbo phone case? These gorgeously colourful cases are made to order!

Christmas gifts for the film nerds 

Get that David Lynch watching, A24 loving, Promising Young Woman fan smiling on Christmas morning with these unique film inspired prints! These prints are a great way of adding some colour to any space and are a unique way of paying homage to their favourite films and directors!

Christmas gifts for the person who has everything 

It's time to pull out the big guns with some personalised prints- take their favourite song lyrics or phrase and turn it into a gorgeous poster! Or why not list three of their favourite things or a couple's name with the cherub prints? either way, you're guaranteed a total hit with your giftee. 

Christmas gifts for the favourite feminist in your life 

Not quite sure what to get your favourite feminist friend or looking for some empowering gifts you can give? Enter whatmabeldid! Why not try our all bodies are good bodies A3 print? Showcasing a wide variety of different bodies, this print is not only a great poster for any space, it also carries a positive message. Is there a radical woman in your life? If you answered yes, then a radical woman sweatshirt or badge may be in order!

Christmas gifts for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan 

Have they had their annual Buffy the Vampire Slayer rewatch yet? Or is it bi annual? Or in actual fact, do they never stop watching it at all? Our Buffy notepad is the perfect gift for any Buffy Summers fan, featuring squared pages, this notepad is a great all rounder for journalling, notemaking and list taking! We can't leave out Captain Peroxide himself! Spike is reimagined as a sticker in this design and would be great hanging out on a laptop/skateboard/waterbottle, you name it- he can probably stick to it!

Christmas gifts for the Fleetwood Mac fanatic 

Is Fleetwood Mac the soundtrack to their life? Honestly, same. So why not celebrate all things Fleetwood Mac (and especially our Queen, Stevie Nicks) With these themed gifts? The rock on gold dust woman poster is a stunning addition to any space, featuring hand lettering with a heavily seventies design sensibility, this print is going to make your giftee feel like they're 'drowning in the sea of love'. What's better than one Stevie Nicks? Two Stevie Nicks! Stevie is showing off her signature dance moves here, can you faintly hear the opening bars to Rhiannon?.... oh whoops, that's me leaving the record player on! 

Christmas gifts for an avid rollerskater

Skaters can be hard to buy for, because after all, skates themselves are pretty expensive, and let's be real, they probably already have their dream set up on order! So what about these two gifts? A gorgeous print with a punny message, perfect for any space! And why not add on a rollerskate sticker? The hardwearign Vinyl makes it great to use on a helmet and there's an absolute plethora of colours to choose from, the hardest thing will be narrowing it down at all!

Christmas gifts for greek mythology lovers

Elegant, classic and a greek mythology nerd. Do they quote the Odyssey to you? Are they rarely seen without a greek mythology retelling under their arm? If so, we've got a great gifting solution for you! Why not gift them one of our many greek mythology themed items? We've got a Narcissus themed print, several gorgeous greek urns, an Athena statue poster and more! 


Christmas gifts for the ABBA fan with a 70s aesthetic 

 Is your friend a die hard 70s aesthetic lover? Is ABBA their number 1 band of all time? Then why not surprise them this Christmas with our Mamma Mia ABBA poster, featuring all 4 members in a gorgeous vintage inspired colour palette (think browns, burnt orange, mustard and cream) it'll be sure to top the charts of their best Christmas gifts ever! Want something to go with that ABBA poster? Why not take a look at our 1970s fashion poster! Inspired by the high camp and delightful fashion of vintage fashion catalogues, this poster is a gorgeous addition to any home!

Christmas gifts for a Louis Theroux fan 

Does your loved one think the Louis Theroux rap deserves a grammy? Us too! & that's why we created the Louis Theroux rap t shirt & print. Featuring a tongue in cheek design with a fiat, two Louis and all the lyrics, it's not an either or situation, it's a I've got to have both kind of deal. After all, any self respecting Louis Theroux fan doesn't just want to show their appreciation in their own home, they've got to wear it too! 

Christmas Gifts for the Beatles fan 

Beatles fans can be tricky to buy for- they've already got all the the music in every form imaginable, what can you get a Beatles fan for Christmas? Our George and Ringo prints are the perfect idea for a Beatles fan as a gift, infused with 1960s psychedelia and a bold colour palette, these prints make a great pair and an event better present!

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