Whatmabeldid & Sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of our beliefs at whatmabeldid. We are completely committed to reducing our impact on our planet as possible. 

We have partnered with Offset in order to ensure all of our deliveries are carbon neutral. This allows us to offset our shipping emissions, which could otherwise contribute to climate change. Offset is actually partnered with Pachama, who work on certified projects, complying with the best-in-class carbon offset protocols and standards. This is something we’re really proud of, it’s a small change we can make to limit our damage to the environment. 

image of a motorway with timelapse vehicles for offset eco friendly delivery

Whenever we can, we use recyclable material over plastic. This is to limit the use of plastic in our products and packaging, again to limit the amount of damage caused to the environment. Wherever possible we promise to always use sustainable materials over plastic products. 

All of our prints are made using sustainable paper stock via a UK based printer adhering to ISO 14001 Environmental. 

image of a printer with it's sustainable refillable ink cartridges exposed

The majority of our orders are made to order or in small quantities, which reduces waste. Less wastage means a happier planet! 

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