What Tarot card represents my star sign?

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Discover what your star sign is represented by in the major arcana tarot deck! 


Aries, The Empress. 

In some versions Aries is represented by the emperor. Aries embody a regal, commanding air, they've got their shit together and are in control of their destiny 

Taurus, The Hierophant.

With an almost sixth sense like intuition, taurus' are represented by the hierophant, high priest of tarot cards. Shown as having control over emotion, matter and thought, the card showcases taurus' bright, quick witted nature and their innate spirituality. 


Gemini, The Lovers.

The lovers represent the duality that is so essential to the gemini experience. Adam and Eve represent the divine masculine and divine feminine, and show that a gemini can reap rich reward from honouring both their knowledge and their intuition. 

Cancer, The Chariot.

Warrior like in their drive and ambition, cancer is represented by the onward motion of the chariot. The chariot card shows that in order to thrive, cancers must overcome obstacles and reach outside of their comfort zone to receive the most fruitful rewards in life. 

Leo, Strength.

Radiating pure confidence and a can do attitude, leos are well represented in the strength card. Wrestling with a lion? No big deal for a leo! They take everything in their stride and are wise to draw on their deep inner well of strength and fortitude. 

Virgo, The Hermit. 

Symbolic of virgos' rich inner lives and thoughts, the hermit is match made in tarot heaven! Virgos do best when they are guided by their inner voice and sharing all the knowledge they have accumulated from their diligent work and research. The hermit represents a contentment with solitude and an interest in knowledge which is a key part of the virgo experience. 

Libra, Justice.

Libra, perfectly balanced and perfectly captured in spirit by the justice card. Libras are often known for their integrity and ease at which they maintain balance in their life. The justice card shows the thoughtful and decisive side of libras, representing that not only can libras assess a situation and give all parties meaningful consideration, but that they can then crystalise this opinion and act on it!

Scorpio, Death.

A powerful force of nature, scorpios appear as their most indomitable in the tarot card of death. A scorpio's will cannot be broken and this is captured perfectly in the onward march of the skeleton, not even death can stop them!

Sagittarius, Temperance.

Sagittarius' are represented within the tarot deck as the card of temperance. Showing sagittarius' ability to temper their wild abandon and childlike wonder, the temperance card is a beautiful exhibition of the best traits of a sagittarius. 

Capricorn, The Devil. 

Tenacious, wilful and fierce, capricorns are represented by the goat featured devil. Capricorn's are unafraid to connect with their desires and are deeply in tune with their fantasies.


Aquarius, the star.

Dreamy yet driven, aquarius' tap into their divine energy to show their gifts and talents. The star is the perfect symbol of an aquarius, showing their strength of intuition and their and their talent for whatever they set their heart to. 

Pisces, The Moon. 

complex and creative, pisces' are indicated by the card the moon. Representing a pisces' limitless potential and deep sense of spirituality, the moon is the perfect tarot card for them. 

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