framed poster of princess diana by whatmabeldid
poster of princess diana by whatmabeldid
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Princess Diana Fashion Illustration Poster

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A beautiful art print inspired by the iconic Princess Diana.

This print is the perfect way to add a bit of mod styling and a pop of colour to any space. This print is available in two size options, A4 and A5, for a perfect fit in whatever space you have or as part of a gallery wall.

Featuring Princess Diana drawn by me in her iconic sweatshirt and bike shorts fashion moment. combined with a strong colour palette of blue and orange, this art print would make for a fantastic, traditional housewarming gift, or as a present to any princess Diana fan. 

Sustainably sourced paper

made from:

200gsm sustainably sourced paper


Diameter 210cm x Length 297cm (A4)

Diameter 148.5cm x Length 210cm (A4)

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